Todd Reesing

Well just got done watching the last game of college football for 08-09 season. This illustration was a work in progress, but wanted to get it done after last nights game. The Jayhawks went to back to back bowl games for the first time in the school's history (one of those being an Orange Bowl). We won both of those games lead by this guy. Can't wait until next season and I like doing these illustrations so hope i get to do more especially in the theme of UpperDeck's All Star Vinyls. Big muscles, hands and feet and something that captures the players personality. Todd Reesing is ALWAYS smiling and you can tell he just has fun playing the game. I played with some opacity masks and textures in illustrator on this one (see the jersey and football). Not sure if the jpg translates them well or not but hopin the print out does... as i dig printing these out and maybe getting the player to sign it.


Anonymous said...
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Tricky Trev said...

Nice! Looks really sharp, D. Great colors too.